Property & Casualty Insurance

Our institutions enjoy broad insurance protection at a level of pricing that is both competitive and stable.
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Property & Casualty Insurance

Thanks to the power of group purchasing, EIIA can apply the efficiency of cost-sharing while providing the protection of superior Property & Casualty Insurance Programs. Over 125 institutions enjoy broad insurance protection at a level of pricing that is both competitive and stable.

Sound risk management programs and our large premium volume, on par with a Fortune 200 company, enables EIIA to negotiate reduced commission rates and fees for our broker partners, producing what is always a competitive premium - often the lowest available.

An Approach that Pays

By sharing risk and losses across a pool of like institutions, EIIA is able to achieve long-term stability in the insurance market. As an EIIA member institution you will benefit from a sophisticated insurance program based on purchasing coverage for large losses while assuming smaller losses.

Participate in EIIA's Master Program of Coverages

Institutions may join the Master Program at any time of the year. Unlike other consortia-based programs, each institution enjoys its own individual $50 million of general and excess liability coverage.

The EIIA Master Program is continually monitored by EIIA's experienced insurance professionals and reviewed by an Advisory Council comprised of over 30 member institution CFOs.

The bottom line: Your coverage, designed specifically for your institution of higher education, will be there when you need it.

What does the Master Program cover?

The Master Program includes all of the following coverages:

  • Property
  • General Liability
  • Automobile
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Pollution Liability
  • Network Security and Privacy Liability
  • Workers' Compensation (monopolistic states excluded)
  • $50 million Excess Liability
  • Crime
  • Special Events
  • Non-owned Aircraft
  • Foreign Liability
  • Catastrophic Business Interruption

Other coverages

Additionally, EIIA has optional programs for Educators' Legal Liability, Fiduciary Liability as well as for Special Events and more.

Special Events Application

Would you like to know more?

Call 1.800.537.8410 and ask for Mary Ellen Moriarity, Vice President, Property & Casualty


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EIIA Property & Casualty Insurance: Built for Higher Education
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