Keystone Benefits

Keystone℠ calculates insurance underwriter-approved replacement values for your entire campus.
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Keystone benefits you and your institution

  • Keystone projects replacement values with 95% accuracy
  • Keystone is easy to use, requiring minimal technical background
  • Keystone gives you quick results that can be updated annually or upon request
  • Keystone is self-administered so you can capture new renovations or remodeling
  • Keystone supports a wide range of strategic planning activities for more effective use and management of campus assets
  • Keystone captures historic replacement costs
  • Keystone helps you make more effective and efficient use of your assets
  • Keystone offers detailed construction information
  • Keystone offers a multiple user platform
  • Keystone gives you ownership of your own valuation

Would you like to know more?

Call 1.800.537.8410 and ask for Gerry Hamill, Director for Risk Management / IT Security



Keystone: Your Campus Planning Resource
Keystone Brochure


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