Introducing Keystone Valuation Systems

Keystone℠ is a powerful new valuation and planning resource designed specifically for our institutions.
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Keystone Valuation System

Turning question marks into dollar signs

In our 50+ years of serving higher education at Educational & Institutional Insurance Administrators, Inc. (EIIA), we've seen institutions that suffer from lack of good valuation and usage information. The cost of your insurance premium, and the effectiveness of your facility plan, and your budget allocation is dependent on sound valuation and classification of your physical property. Accurate and timely data bears on a whole host of strategic business decisions, and can impact your institution's financial health for years to come.

Get answers at a fraction of the cost

Securing a credible valuation of your buildings and contents used to mean paying an appraiser around $1,200 per building. With the right tools and a little help, institutions can value their own assets at a fraction of the cost. EIIA and The W.O.R.C.S. worked along-side college administrators to develop a proprietary tool – Keystone Valuation Systems.

Approved by major insurance underwriters, this powerful new valuation and planning resource was designed specifically for institutions like your own. User-friendly software based on Microsoft® Excel, a host of helpful tools, indexes and guides, and convenient access to our knowledgeable support team, Keystone enables you to capture accurate, timely, and comprehensive data to compare your valuation and use with institutions of similar size.

Gain unprecedented control over your insurance premiums

Keystone allows you to identify and correct property values accurate to within 95%. Keystone is dynamic – allowing you to capture up-to-date information as your buildings or contents change.

Understand and optimize your facility's use

Know what percentage of your campus is used for academic purposes, administrative, and residential. Maximize optimal deployment of your assets. Keystone provides information in an accessible, easy to understand format that can aid a wide range of strategic planning efforts.

Generate reliable values for unique assets

EIIA and The W.O.R.C.S. developers are continually adding new asset-specific tools to our Keystone suite of utilities. Along with your buildings and contents, these include:

  • Parking lots
  • Plazas
  • Signage
  • Stained glass
  • Playing fields and stadiums
  • Paintings, drawings, etchings
  • Musical instruments
  • Rare books/bibles/manuscripts
  • Library collections



Keystone: Your Campus Planning Resource
Keystone Brochure


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